The Logabit WebTools is a set of tiny but powerful tools for developing Web Applications using Apache Cocoon more faster and cleaner. Currently it consists of three essential utilities:

  • Patchwork - This is similar to Struts Tiles. It allows you to structurize and organize your layout in a reusable way.
  • Contentwork - The Contentwork is an optional feature of Patchwork that allows you to assign content to a defined layout in form of an XML document or a Java Bean for example and then read the content from within your template without the need of creating a user defined controller.
  • Naviwork - A powerful navigation tool that enables you defining the navigation structure of your website at one central place and reuse this structure for example to build page sitemaps, navigations, bread crumbs and more.


This software and it's documentation is currently in beta state. This means they can change in any kind until its release. But most parts are already stable and well tested and will not change without notice.

Feedback required!

As you already know, Logabit WebTools is free of charge. But if you could write shortly what you think about this tool, or if there is something we could make better, please feel free and send that feedback to us! Any feedback is worth a lot and the more feedback we get, the better we can make WebTools! It takes less than a minute using this form:

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